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We all had our favorite flash in the pan novelty items: the pet rock, virtual pets, Furbys, moon shoes, boiling your toothbrush so you could bend it into a nifty bracelet…all things that were awesome… for like, 5 minutes. Not us, no m’am! We have big big plans here at Car Lashes, and our quality, service, and boundless fun, new ideas are certain to keep us from becoming simply a flash in the pan!

Car Lashes is in 85 different countries, been published in Marie Claire Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine for Italy, presented on talk shows, and recieved countless other forms of recognition. Believe it or not, we are just now forming our own sales and marketing team, because all of the business has been coming to us! People love the Car Lashes, and are further elated to discover our other products and those in the making! So how far can Car Lashes go? Where to next??

The short answer is: We will go as far as you take us! Car Lashes is not simply about a product; it is a mind set, culture, and an attitude.  We want our customers to feel as a part of the team as we are. We offer products that make everyone smile, and what you think and have to say are super important to the direction of this company. And the most fantastic thing about Car Lashes? We don’t have just one niche, our versatility and dedication makes us fit easily into a plethora of different markets and satisfy even the most complicated needs.

Now, I could go on and on all day about how great of a company we are and our awesome products, but, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. And everybody likes pudding. So one of our ideas? Spread that pudding around! In our experience, Car Lashes pretty much sell themselves, and their popularity spreads quickly in any circle. From pageant coaches to beauticians, soccer team moms to girl scout troops, Car Lashes add fun, zest and team spirit to any organization or business geared towards girls and women. As an involved member of the Car Lashes community, you can have the opportunity to celebrate and share the product as a sales rep. Think your friendly neighborhood Avon Lady, but with more spice, attitude and pizzaz!

On that note, what do you guys think? How do you feel about becoming an involved member of Car Lashes and joining us in our global conquest? As always, we need to hear from YOU! Dottie and Robert, the inventors of Car Lashes, have so many amazing ideas on continuing to build the Car Lashes Empire and getting our members involved. What would be some great incentives for you in joining our team? Speak up guys, we want to hear you! We are creating a movement in the nearly untouched market of vehicle accessories geared specifically towards women, and we plan on going far and being around for a long, long time!

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