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When I first started working for Car Lashes, I didn’t know much about the company. I had seen the product before and thought it was adorable, but that was about it. I did all my research like a good girl for my interviews, and then like anyone else I ran around telling all of my friends and family about my great new job at this amazing company. For the sake of the blog that had not yet at that time been written, I took notes on what my friends, family, and co-workers thought of the product. The most common word I got was “cute” and most could see why there would be a great market for them. Of course, some of my (nameless and fashion-sense lacking) male friends teased me about it being a silly idea. I reminded them that wearing their pants around their knees with huge hats with the stickers still on them and their charming habit of itching themselves in public was much more unattractive. They got the point. That’s one for Car Lashes!

The women were obviously more interested than the men, but many men said it would make a great gift for their wives/daughters/bus drivers, what have you….and I was actually really surprised that once I started paying attention, they were EVERYWHERE. I’m from the East Coast (Rhode Island) and I had seen them a few times out there before, but not like out here. It’s like some kind of fantastic fashion movement…Lash Power!

Well, everybody knows how crazy we are about our company and products, but how about everyone else? What I decided to do was find out (videos of interviews coming soon!!) I picked 3 places where fellow style and fashion gurus tend to lurk: the Tanger Outlets, Main Street (in Park City), and the TJ Maxx plaza. Not easily embarassed, I dragged my poor friends along to video tape me ambushing innocent shoppers and asking them about Car Lashes.

There was, however, a method to my madness. The covert operation would go like this: I would approach the unsuspecting shopper, and ask them general questions first…Have you ever heard of Car Lashes? Have you ever seen them? What to they think of the idea? Then I would escort my new best friend over to my vehicle to show off my GORGEOUS shiny fushia Car Lashes with the crystal eye liner, carefully applied to my black 2007 Nissan Xterra. Everyone loved them! They totally dressed up my used, cookie cutter SUV (you only see about 9 million of them driving around Park City daily…) I had more questions for my new gal pals once we got to the cars, but they usually beat me to it as soon as they saw it!

“Wow! Oh my goodness how cute! I need some of these for my car.” -Kara L. (TJ Maxx.)

“Oh wow I didn’t think it was going to look this awesome! It’s actually pretty awesome.” -Mary R. (Tanger Outlets.) {Redundant, I know. but it made me smile, so maybe you will too.}

“That is so cute! That is such a great idea! My granddaughter would LOVE some of these.” -Josephine S. (Main Street.)

“Look at this! It’s even got its own eye-liner! It’s almost as fabulous as I am!” -Natalie B. (Main Street.)

“Ooh, I need this. Now. You must get so many compliments! I’d never loose my car in this huge [Tanger Outlet] parking lot again!” -Allie P. (Tanger Outlets.)

Most of the comments went something like that. I approached people of all ages and styles, and talked to 5 people at each location (for a grand total of 15, for those of you who aren’t the math whiz I am…). I was incredibly pleased, although not a bit surprised, that I didn’t get any negative feedback at all! I gave each person our Car Lashes website address so they could learn even more about us and snazz up their own vehicles.

Car Lashes as a company has blown up , and it’s continuing to grow at an incredible international rate! There are a lot of knock off’s out there, so be sure your’s are authentic!

Now get out and Lashionize your car before I ambush you with my video camera and drag you back to my truck!

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