About Us

Turbo Style Products, LLC launched CarLashes® in July 2010. By August of that year Turbo Style Products had posted a YouTube Video showing CarLashes® and a second bling companion product, Rhinestone Crystal Eyeliner.

The YouTube video went viral In September 2010 and a reporter at the London Sun Times called CNN in New York to let them know CarLashes®--marketed by a US company--was exploding. Within days the CNN Wolf Blitzer Show had done a segment on CarLashes® that played around the world.

Fast forward to today and CarLashes® have gone from a girly trend to a diva necessity. CarLashes® have now been sold in over 150 countries and are available on-line and in over 10,000 stores worldwide. They have been featured in fashion magazines such as Marie Claire and Vogue, and been reviewed by Rachael Ray and Jay Leno.

Turbo Style Products, LLC is especially proud that CarLashes® have been awarded two IDA International Design Awards for Innovative Automotive Product and for a product with important Social Impact. Social Impact because CarLashes® make people smile and make the world a happier place.