Q.Will Carlashes™ fit on my car?
ANSWER: Carlashes™ will fit on most vehicles headlights. We have different styles designed specifically for all different styles of headlights. Please provide your vehicles year, make, and model when ordering so we can ship the correct Carlash™ style.

Q. How do the lashes attach to my car?
ANSWER: Carlashes™ attach with 3M double sided automotive trim tape. The same tape that has been used for years to attach exterior trim on cars. This is also the same tape used to attach many aftermarket items such as bug guards, wind guards, mirrors, and reflectors.ABOUT CARE AND USAGE

Q. Will Carlashes™ go through a car wash?
ANSWER: Carlashes™ are flexible and if properly applied should go through most car washes without any problem. Some car washes can however be quite rough and CarLashes™ are not gauranteed for mechanical car washes with brushes. Touchless car washes and hand washing are fine.

Q. Can I drive on the freeway?
ANSWER: Carlashes™ are designed to stay on the vehicle under normal driving conditions.


Q. How do I remove the lashes?
ANSWER: Carlashes™ can be removed by slowly peeling them off. If the 3M tape sticks to the vehicle it can be removed by rolling the residue with your thumb. Any remaining residue can be removed with a citrus cleaning agent or one designed for cars such as tar and bug remover spray.

Q. Will the tape damage my car paint?
ANSWER: The 3M tape will not chemically interact with car paint, chrome, or glass.