1. Determine Placement
  2. Clean Surface
  3. Practice
  4. Attach Tape To Lash
  5. Attach Lash To Car


The lash needs to be attached to a clean smooth surface on the vehicle. All of the tape should be touching the surface where the lash is attached.


Try the top surface of the headlight glass. You will probably have to open the hood to access this surface. If it is smooth and has no rubber trim this should work nicely. If there is rubber trim, sometimes you can slide the lash between the trim and the headlight.

If the top of the headlight is too irregular, try the top surface of the hood edge above the headlight.



For newer VW Beetles, BMW Minis, Porches, and cars with headlights not next to the hood edge

Apply the lashes to the surface next to the headlight glass or trim ring. Curve the base of the lash to follow around the headlight. Make sure to apply enough force to keep bending the lash around as you go. Each individual lash can be bent up and away from the headlight at it's base after the lash is attached. Press down with your thumb as shown and firmly bend the lash up.


If your headlights are not located under the hood, the lashes can be attached just above the headlight, or on the top edge of the headlight glass. See if there is a gap along the top edge of the headlight that lash can be slipped into--pull out the red backing after the lash is slipped into the crack. Use a table or butter knife to press the lash down firmly in the crack.


Bend up the lashes at the base as needed to keep them from interfering with the headlight. If the lash is too wide for the headlight, you can trim off any overhanging lashes with scissors. The tips of the lashes can also be trimmed to make them shorter.

APPY THE TAPE TO THE LASH FIRST: Remove a small portion of the protective backing from one side of the tape—leave the protective backing on the other side of the tape in place. Start at one end and and press the tape along the base of the lash. Keep the edge of the tape exactly along the bottom edge of the base of the lash. Make sure to apply the tape to the correct side of the lash for the location on the vehicle you have chosen. For example, on the bottom of the lash when applying to the top of the headlight glass.

Apply Tape

CLEAN: Make sure the surface is clean and dry before attaching. Use the enclosed Alcohol Prep Pad to remove any dirt, grease, or car wax. Wipe both the lash and the vehicle surface with the Prep Pad and allow to dry.

Practice before attaching! The 3M double sided trim tape is VERY STICKY! It cannot be repositioned. Once it touches a surface it is very difficult to remove without messing up the tape. Once the lash is applied, rub firmly along the length of the lash with your thumb to make sure the tape is completely attached.

NOTE: You can cut the lashes apart into individual lashes with scissors and apply them one at a time. Apply the 3M tape before cutting apart. This may provide more options for creatively attaching the lashes. For example, individual lashes can be spaced farther apart and pointed in different directions to create fan effects.


  1. Make sure the tips of the lashes are not flexing back and touching the car at high speed--bend the lashes down or trim them shorter with scissors to avoid this.
  2. Traveling at excessive speed may cause the lashes to start peeling up. If this happens, remove them immediately and re-apply with fresh 3M tape.
  3. Best if applied above 50 degrees and in shade.
  4. Avoid getting wet or driving at high speed for 24 hours.


  1. Remove a portion of the red protective cover from one end of the Crystal Eyeliner. The crystal eyeliner is long enough for one crystal to overhang the lash at each end. You can trim off crystals to the desired length using scissors.
  2. Starting at the outside end of the lash, apply the liner to the edge of the painted surface above the lash or directly on top of the lash if the base is exposed.
  3. Work your way along pulling off only a short portion of the protective backing and pressing the crystals down one or two at a time.
    NOTE: The 3M tape stretches--do not pull on the strip of crystals as they are applied since this will open up a gap in the spacing between the crystals. Just twist them to bend along the edge of the lash as you press them down in place.
  4. Remove the red protective cover bit by bit as you work your way along.
  5. 5. If you apply more than one row of crystals you can stretch the tape slightly to align the crystal rows one next to the other as you apply the second row.