It’s Like The Big Girl’s Favorite Dress-Up Toy!

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Hey readers!! Thanks for coming to our site and reading our blog! Car Lashes is truly an AWESOME company, and every member of our team is a bit eccentric in all of their amazingly special ways! We just love to push that flashy fashion envelope. We love like minded people: fun, outgoing, and a juuussstt the right amount of attitude. After all, Car Lashes is a community, and we absolutely adore and treasure our friends! Our motto for Car Lashes is “They Make You Smile!” and they sure do. Same with the staff!

The whole idea for Car Lashes is to fill a gaping hole in the vehicle accessory market. When it comes to buying a car, women are the biggest decision makers…but where are cute and feminine accents?!?! What about us?!? I’m sorry, but as the lovely, classy lady that I am (obviously..) I do not have any desire to paint flames all over my car or stick multi-colored rubber testicles under my rear bumper. All we ladies really have are some decent (ish) key chains and air freshners, and those goofy stick family things plastered on the back windows of their mom vans. Come on, ladies, us Lashonistas are waaayyclassier, glitzier, and expressive than that! What we need, hunny, is some bling bling and glamour for our cars..and you will find all of that here!

Now don’t worry, it’s not just eye lashes for the car either! Oh no, we will not disappoint you with our fabulous plethora of products! You guys definitely need to check out the rest of our products, like the blingin’ license plate frames and super cute key chains, and that’s just to start! Robert Small is an inventor and also co-owner of Car Lashes, and you will just DIE when you see some of the stuff he’s got up his sleeve! That hamster wheel is always turning and cranking out some wild ideas, so you definitely want to make sure you keep checking our site for the newest, most fabulous accessories.

Ladies, we are masters at dolling ourselves up with clothes, and accessories, and make-up, and glitter and anything else we can squeeze into our gigantic flashy purses. We can go from hobo to glamour queen in seconds…then we head out for a night of the town in our plane Jane cars that look like everybody else’s. We can’t have that.  Your car should represent YOU! Show the world how fun, snazzy, and totally fabulous you really are! Trust us, we are professional Lashonistas.

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