Carlashes® for Smart fortwo (2007-present)

  • $29.99

CarLashes® for Smart fourtwo (2007 to present)
This version of the Classic Black CarLashes are specifically designed to fit the Smart fortwo (2007-present).

Product Features
* CarLashes® Patented Design
* 2 Eyelashes, 1 for each headlight
* 3M Double Sided Automotive Trim Tape
* Fits smart fortwo (2007-present)

About CarLashes®
You are now entering the formerly forbidden "Man-Zone" of car accessories. Move over mud flaps and racing stripes and say hello to eyelashes for your car! CarLashes® turn the daily drab of driving into a fun and fashionable, feel-good (even emotional) adventure. Since exploding online in 2010, CarLashes® have gone from a girly trend to a diva necessity. Ladies have traditionally had few options for customizing their vehicles--and after all, ladies have serious purchasing power. Women buy more than half of the new cars in the U.S. and influence up to 85 percent of all car purchases. Sure, women may seek a practical ride that fits their needs and lifestyle, but they also crave a little bling and a lot of fun. Lovely ladies across the globe have lashed up to join the Miles of Smiles Movement to shatter the myth that car accessories are just for men. The Miles of Smiles Movement is all about feeling great inside and out and spreading some love along the way.

Trademark CarLashes® owned by Robert A. Small Copyright 2010 - 2018 Robert A. Small CarLashes® are patented Reference: car lashes, headlight lashes, headlamp lashes, 3d headlight sticker, girly car accessory

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