Miles Of Smiles

I purchased my carlashes and applied them to my car a month ago. I have gotten so many smiles, even if people are wondering what the heck? They still have a smile on their face. My boss and I were talking about them before I purchased them. She loved them! She wanted them also. Now that I have them she is hating on me!!! Oh well… my car is so cute with them on it!!! I LOVE MY CARLASHES!!!

– Robin

The Purple Nurple’s Carlashes!

This was my ’05 purple Mini – she won favorite at a car show – when the movie Cars 2 came out, I was in another car show and Nurple was a hit!! Everyone commented about her eyes! I’ve been sitting at a restaurant and overheard people coming in saying ‘Did you see that car?! It had eyelashes!” People were always trying to get pics at stoplights even! LOL
I sadly had to sell Nurple, but I just bought the new ’14 Mini Cooper in Volcanic Orange! Her name is Kumquat and she looks so neckid – I need to buy her some Car Lashes next! I can’t waitt!!
Thanks for an amazing product that makes EVERYONE smile and giggle!!

– Karen Farmer & Kumquat :)

Meet “Candice The Bug”

This little car is what I had been dreaming of my entire childhood! Ever since I could remember I always wanted a convertible VW and finally just a few weeks before graduation I got my longed for car! I was so happy I couldn’t wait to show it around. I loved my car and would wait around on errands to run just so I could drive it. Months passed by and I started to get the feeling that it was plain. My bug used to be navy blue – my favorite color is yellow. I decided to spice things up – my car would be sunshine to everyone it encountered, however it was still not enough. I came across Carlashes on accident. I had seen thousands of mustaches but never eyelashes. I soon gave life to my sweet little bug. When the order arrived I couldn’t wait to have them put on. I hassled my dad day and night having him having to make time in his busy schedule to fix up my car. A couple of days passed when I placed the order, as soon as I received them they were on my car. Once you saw the finished product I was so happy couldn’t wait to show it around! I got many compliments, smiles, laughs (good and bad) but I simply drove around.

– Maria from Texas

CarLashes® On Pickups?

I received my new set of pink car lashes for my pickup yesterday.  I love them!  I already have a set on my car that is the talk of the town.  I have been complimented on them for over a year now.  One guy flagged me down at a traffic light to find out how to get some.  I have people of all ages ask about them.  They are so much fun to have on your vehicle!

– Angie from Georgia

Miles of Smiles Movement

I truly love my pink eyelashes on my white Honda Fit.
I had a little boy walk up to my car at the post office demanding his grandma get some. Little guy about 4.
Had a lady walking across parking lot. Looked really sad. When she seen my eyelashes. She got the biggest smile on her face. Did my heart good.
Lots of men give me a thumbs up.
Making one person a day smile. Is well worth my husband hiding his face when necessary to ride in my car. Lol
Thanks for all the smiles.

– Linda