Winking our way forward…

We all had our favorite flash in the pan novelty items: the pet rock, virtual pets, Furbys, moon shoes, boiling your toothbrush so you could bend it into a nifty bracelet…all things that were awesome… for like, 5 minutes. Not us, no m’am! We have big big plans here at Car Lashes, and our quality, service, and boundless fun, new ideas are certain to keep us from becoming simply a flash in the pan!

Car Lashes is in 85 different countries, been published in Marie Claire Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine for Italy, presented on talk shows, and recieved countless other forms of recognition. Believe it or not, we are just now forming our own sales and marketing team, because all of the business has been coming to us! People love the Car Lashes, and are further elated to discover our other products and those in the making! So how far can Car Lashes go? Where to next??

The short answer is: We will go as far as you take us! Car Lashes is not simply about a product; it is a mind set, culture, and an attitude.  We want our customers to feel as a part of the team as we are. We offer products that make everyone smile, and what you think and have to say are super important to the direction of this company. And the most fantastic thing about Car Lashes? We don’t have just one niche, our versatility and dedication makes us fit easily into a plethora of different markets and satisfy even the most complicated needs.

Now, I could go on and on all day about how great of a company we are and our awesome products, but, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. And everybody likes pudding. So one of our ideas? Spread that pudding around! In our experience, Car Lashes pretty much sell themselves, and their popularity spreads quickly in any circle. From pageant coaches to beauticians, soccer team moms to girl scout troops, Car Lashes add fun, zest and team spirit to any organization or business geared towards girls and women. As an involved member of the Car Lashes community, you can have the opportunity to celebrate and share the product as a sales rep. Think your friendly neighborhood Avon Lady, but with more spice, attitude and pizzaz!

On that note, what do you guys think? How do you feel about becoming an involved member of Car Lashes and joining us in our global conquest? As always, we need to hear from YOU! Dottie and Robert, the inventors of Car Lashes, have so many amazing ideas on continuing to build the Car Lashes Empire and getting our members involved. What would be some great incentives for you in joining our team? Speak up guys, we want to hear you! We are creating a movement in the nearly untouched market of vehicle accessories geared specifically towards women, and we plan on going far and being around for a long, long time!

It’s Like The Big Girl’s Favorite Dress-Up Toy!

Hey readers!! Thanks for coming to our site and reading our blog! Car Lashes is truly an AWESOME company, and every member of our team is a bit eccentric in all of their amazingly special ways! We just love to push that flashy fashion envelope. We love like minded people: fun, outgoing, and a juuussstt the right amount of attitude. After all, Car Lashes is a community, and we absolutely adore and treasure our friends! Our motto for Car Lashes is “They Make You Smile!” and they sure do. Same with the staff!

The whole idea for Car Lashes is to fill a gaping hole in the vehicle accessory market. When it comes to buying a car, women are the biggest decision makers…but where are cute and feminine accents?!?! What about us?!? I’m sorry, but as the lovely, classy lady that I am (obviously..) I do not have any desire to paint flames all over my car or stick multi-colored rubber testicles under my rear bumper. All we ladies really have are some decent (ish) key chains and air freshners, and those goofy stick family things plastered on the back windows of their mom vans. Come on, ladies, us Lashonistas are waaayyclassier, glitzier, and expressive than that! What we need, hunny, is some bling bling and glamour for our cars..and you will find all of that here!

Now don’t worry, it’s not just eye lashes for the car either! Oh no, we will not disappoint you with our fabulous plethora of products! You guys definitely need to check out the rest of our products, like the blingin’ license plate frames and super cute key chains, and that’s just to start! Robert Small is an inventor and also co-owner of Car Lashes, and you will just DIE when you see some of the stuff he’s got up his sleeve! That hamster wheel is always turning and cranking out some wild ideas, so you definitely want to make sure you keep checking our site for the newest, most fabulous accessories.

Ladies, we are masters at dolling ourselves up with clothes, and accessories, and make-up, and glitter and anything else we can squeeze into our gigantic flashy purses. We can go from hobo to glamour queen in seconds…then we head out for a night of the town in our plane Jane cars that look like everybody else’s. We can’t have that.  Your car should represent YOU! Show the world how fun, snazzy, and totally fabulous you really are! Trust us, we are professional Lashonistas. :)

The word on the street…

When I first started working for Car Lashes, I didn’t know much about the company. I had seen the product before and thought it was adorable, but that was about it. I did all my research like a good girl for my interviews, and then like anyone else I ran around telling all of my friends and family about my great new job at this amazing company. For the sake of the blog that had not yet at that time been written, I took notes on what my friends, family, and co-workers thought of the product. The most common word I got was “cute” and most could see why there would be a great market for them. Of course, some of my (nameless and fashion-sense lacking) male friends teased me about it being a silly idea. I reminded them that wearing their pants around their knees with huge hats with the stickers still on them and their charming habit of itching themselves in public was much more unattractive. They got the point. That’s one for Car Lashes!

The women were obviously more interested than the men, but many men said it would make a great gift for their wives/daughters/bus drivers, what have you….and I was actually really surprised that once I started paying attention, they were EVERYWHERE. I’m from the East Coast (Rhode Island) and I had seen them a few times out there before, but not like out here. It’s like some kind of fantastic fashion movement…Lash Power!

Well, everybody knows how crazy we are about our company and products, but how about everyone else? What I decided to do was find out (videos of interviews coming soon!!) I picked 3 places where fellow style and fashion gurus tend to lurk: the Tanger Outlets, Main Street (in Park City), and the TJ Maxx plaza. Not easily embarassed, I dragged my poor friends along to video tape me ambushing innocent shoppers and asking them about Car Lashes.

There was, however, a method to my madness. The covert operation would go like this: I would approach the unsuspecting shopper, and ask them general questions first…Have you ever heard of Car Lashes? Have you ever seen them? What to they think of the idea? Then I would escort my new best friend over to my vehicle to show off my GORGEOUS shiny fushia Car Lashes with the crystal eye liner, carefully applied to my black 2007 Nissan Xterra. Everyone loved them! They totally dressed up my used, cookie cutter SUV (you only see about 9 million of them driving around Park City daily…) I had more questions for my new gal pals once we got to the cars, but they usually beat me to it as soon as they saw it!

“Wow! Oh my goodness how cute! I need some of these for my car.” -Kara L. (TJ Maxx.)

“Oh wow I didn’t think it was going to look this awesome! It’s actually pretty awesome.” -Mary R. (Tanger Outlets.) {Redundant, I know. but it made me smile, so maybe you will too.}

“That is so cute! That is such a great idea! My granddaughter would LOVE some of these.” -Josephine S. (Main Street.)

“Look at this! It’s even got its own eye-liner! It’s almost as fabulous as I am!” -Natalie B. (Main Street.)

“Ooh, I need this. Now. You must get so many compliments! I’d never loose my car in this huge [Tanger Outlet] parking lot again!” -Allie P. (Tanger Outlets.)

Most of the comments went something like that. I approached people of all ages and styles, and talked to 5 people at each location (for a grand total of 15, for those of you who aren’t the math whiz I am…). I was incredibly pleased, although not a bit surprised, that I didn’t get any negative feedback at all! I gave each person our Car Lashes website address so they could learn even more about us and snazz up their own vehicles.

Car Lashes as a company has blown up , and it’s continuing to grow at an incredible international rate! There are a lot of knock off’s out there, so be sure your’s are authentic!

Now get out and Lashionize your car before I ambush you with my video camera and drag you back to my truck!

Miles Of Smiles

I purchased my carlashes and applied them to my car a month ago. I have gotten so many smiles, even if people are wondering what the heck? They still have a smile on their face. My boss and I were talking about them before I purchased them. She loved them! She wanted them also. Now that I have them she is hating on me!!! Oh well… my car is so cute with them on it!!! I LOVE MY CARLASHES!!!

– Robin

The Purple Nurple’s Carlashes!

This was my ’05 purple Mini – she won favorite at a car show – when the movie Cars 2 came out, I was in another car show and Nurple was a hit!! Everyone commented about her eyes! I’ve been sitting at a restaurant and overheard people coming in saying ‘Did you see that car?! It had eyelashes!” People were always trying to get pics at stoplights even! LOL
I sadly had to sell Nurple, but I just bought the new ’14 Mini Cooper in Volcanic Orange! Her name is Kumquat and she looks so neckid – I need to buy her some Car Lashes next! I can’t waitt!!
Thanks for an amazing product that makes EVERYONE smile and giggle!!

– Karen Farmer & Kumquat :)

Meet “Candice The Bug”

This little car is what I had been dreaming of my entire childhood! Ever since I could remember I always wanted a convertible VW and finally just a few weeks before graduation I got my longed for car! I was so happy I couldn’t wait to show it around. I loved my car and would wait around on errands to run just so I could drive it. Months passed by and I started to get the feeling that it was plain. My bug used to be navy blue – my favorite color is yellow. I decided to spice things up – my car would be sunshine to everyone it encountered, however it was still not enough. I came across Carlashes on accident. I had seen thousands of mustaches but never eyelashes. I soon gave life to my sweet little bug. When the order arrived I couldn’t wait to have them put on. I hassled my dad day and night having him having to make time in his busy schedule to fix up my car. A couple of days passed when I placed the order, as soon as I received them they were on my car. Once you saw the finished product I was so happy couldn’t wait to show it around! I got many compliments, smiles, laughs (good and bad) but I simply drove around.

– Maria from Texas

CarLashes® On Pickups?

I received my new set of pink car lashes for my pickup yesterday.  I love them!  I already have a set on my car that is the talk of the town.  I have been complimented on them for over a year now.  One guy flagged me down at a traffic light to find out how to get some.  I have people of all ages ask about them.  They are so much fun to have on your vehicle!

– Angie from Georgia